Terms and Conditions

EscapeXperience Tanzania provides a type of physical adventure game held in real environment, which we call Escape Games. Participants are locked inside a room/s, which they have to escape. During the game players need to use their imagination and deductive thinking skills to solve a series of puzzles, decipher clues, uncover secrets and finally, find their way out of the room. Some tasks may require participants to work together.

You will have one hour only to escape the room. Keep in mind that doors will open anyway once the hour is over. If you are not successful to escape the room then you always have a chance to come back and challenge yourself again. You are also welcome to ask for as many hints as you need to get you through the game.

Our game is entertaining for groups of 2 to 6 people (although we recommend 4). Before entering the room, we will have a brief talk about guidelines and answer any questions you have concerning escape games, as well as, a break for anyone to use bathroom facilities. You are therefore suggested to arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking so you can get the full allocate one hour of play. If you are late you will only have till the end of your original booking time in order to complete your escape if there is a reservation after yours.

EscapeXperience Tanzania’s employees reserve the right to remove anyone who is in a state of alcohol intoxication from the premises. They also exercise the right to refuse entry to anyone.

For groups with participants all under the age of 12 years old we also require at least one adult (18+) to be amongst the participants with the responsibility of signing the Waiver Form on all participants behalf.

To make a reservation online click here and choose the most convenient time for you.

For any other clarifications please contact us at: contact@escapexperiencetz.com or call us on: +255652372273


In order for anyone to play our games we require you to sign the below waiver.