Murder Mystery

Your team is a group of detectives who have come to investigate the identity of a murdered victim. Other teams before you haven’t had much success. While inside the room you are locked in and hear a voice that says, “You made a mistake coming here, now you’ll suffer the fate of the others before you.”

You have exactly one hour before the murderer releases poisonous gas into the air and you will suffer a painful end. Your aim is to discover the identity of the victim and escape!

Murder Mystery 2

“Detectives. You have already discovered the identity of the victim, now you must figure out who killed him. Not only that, you must also discover the murder weapon that was used in order to have the best chance to put the killer away for life. Right now it looks the victim’s partner is the most likely the person to have killed him. She claims that she isn’t at fault and she knows who might have done it. Go over to their apartment and see if you can sort out this mess. If you’re not back in 90 minutes, well, we’re just going to let this one go.”

Murder Mystery Level 2 is now open.

Note: This game will last 90 minutes and as such will cost 180,000/- for your group of 2-6 players.

Note 2: Atleast half the players in your group must have played Murder Mystery Level 1 already in order to play Level 2.



Escape from the Tomb

The recent discovery of a pyramid, presumably the resting place of a long forgotten Pharaoh, has set the world’s imagination on fire. Rumor’s of a mysterious Pharaoh and an ancient curse have been circulating in the media. Whether these rumors are true or not, you have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, so you assembled a team of leading archaeologists to join you on your mission  to reach the inner tomb and discover the identity of this forgotten Egyptian King.

Many teams have ventured into the pyramid before, but none have escaped. The mysterious disappearances of these explorers has supported rumors that the Pharaoh had his burial chamber cursed.

You must discover the inner tomb, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes, else you may fall victim to the Pharaoh’s curse!


For a flat fee of 120,000/-*, you and your team of up to 6 people (although we recommend 4) are able to experience one of our Escape Rooms. Using our online booking platform found here, you can book a time slot that is the most convenient for you. You will receive an email notification confirming your reservation.

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Bring an ID with a photo on your birthday and you’ll receive one free game for yourself. If your birthday is on a Monday, you can redeem it the following day (Tuesday).

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*Not applicable to seasonal games. VAT inclusive.