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The Tanzania Escape Room Experience: Team Building That Works

You have one team and one mission. In your world, that mission is to run your business as fluidity, professionally, and profitably as possible. Here in the escape room, however, your mission is simply to learn to work together better.


EscapeXperience Tanzania Corporate Team Building Activities

Employers and motivators don’t like to admit it but conventional team building exercises simply don’t work.

Your team doesn’t really learn to work flawlessly together by participating in, group hug exercises. Individuals and teams thrive on challenges. What’s more, there is no more legitimately rewarding or exciting a challenge as an escape room.

At EscapeXperience Tanzania, we create real life walk through puzzle experiences designed to foster better group intelligence. Solving problems alone isn’t an option. Instead, every member of a team has to work together to identify and implement the best escape strategy. Much more importantly, our corporate team building exercises are challenging in a way, which never exposes teams to real stress or real physical risk.


Tangible Team Building Benefits

Unlike other team building activities, an escape room starts improving and strengthening individual team member relationships from the moment the clock starts.

Our escape room motivational experiences are fun. What they also do, however, is demand that each member of a team starts thinking outside of the box and contributing directly to the escape activity at hand.


Key Escape Room Benefits:

  • An escape room strengthens team cohesion
  • We help managers and supervisors identify people with real leadership potential
  • Our corporate team building activities help managers identify specific strengths and weaknesses of participants
  • By nature, an escape room helps teams learn to communicate ideas better, faster, and easier
  • An escape room is a fantastic way to foster better company integration of employees


Benefit from a Better Team Building Experience Today

At EscapeXperience Tanzania, you can come to us or we can come to you. What is more, for larger organizations, we can run daylong escape room activities designed to cater for several teams one after the other. The most important thing to remember is that participating in an escape room activity is only the beginning.

None of us is as smart as we all can be when we work together. Our escape room experience is designed to help your team realize this. This being the case, if you are looking for corporate team building activities, which will genuinely inspire every member of your team to achieve more, call or contact us now to ask how EscapeXperience Tanzania can help.

So you want to play an Escape Game?

Can you Escape?.png

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Ever wanted to be an archeologist discovering the secrets of a tomb but never had the chance? Or a detective being hunted by a convicted murderer?

At EscapeXperience Tanzania we offer you and your team the chance to play real life adventure games on the clock! This activity is called Escape Games.

If you’re new to escape games you think that being locked in a room is weird, we get your hesitation. Escape Games are thrilling timed adventures whereby a group of anywhere from 2-12 players are locked in a room and have to use elements found in the room to solve a series of clues and escape within the time given. Some things are simple to complete but others make you want to bash your head in. Check out a previous post for an example.

Escape Games are an incredible teambuilding tool, and helps develop communication, logical thinking and critical thinking skills. When players are not able to work together, you can be sure they wont be able to escape. Different players react differently in regards to stress and adrenaline and the challenge is to channel that energy into trying to get out in time.

Escape Games are a relatively new phenomenon that started becoming popular only a few years ago and has already taken the entertainment industry by storm. A game show was created based on the concept last year called Race to Escape and it pits 2 teams in identical rooms and they have to race each other to get out. If you have some time, check it out on Youtube.

Overall, escape games are a fun way to spend an hour with your group of friends, family or coworkers, and challenge yourselves to complete the game as quickly but also with as little help as possible. We can guarantee you’ll be reliving the experience your entire way home.


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Mohamed Raza

Day 37 – About 30% done

Things are really shifting up a gear. We’ve completed the roof (see below) for the most part and are finishing up the walls and electricals. Tomorrow we’re going to start to put up the internal walls for the containers as well as the partitions.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Egypt Game we have in the building stage. Of course this is before I discovered the builders built it in the wrong place and we had to move it an extra half meter.


Hoping to be able to begin setting up the rooms within the next week and we’re aiming at being ready to launch around mid-December. We’ll probably start taking booking within the next 2 weeks so keep a lookout on our Facebook Page for more details.

Mohamed Raza

Day 32 – Escape Games becoming real

Well, it’s taken a while to get everything organized for the construction. The 20 foot containers that we’re using were sitting around doing nothing for a while while we sorted out the company registration and compiled quotations for materials. But finally we started in the last week of October! We now have 5 different jobs going on all at once; wall building, roof making, painting, carpenting, and an electrician started today, and its creating havoc.


5 different jobs going on at once; painting, electricity laying,roof building, wall building and internal framing.

But its fun. Our games are ready to go and weve even got most of the stuff laid out too, were just working on the electricals and then the paneling before we can create our rooms. We’re going to try to make them as realistic as possible for our customers so when you step into a tomb, you feel like you entered the inside of a real Egyptian pyramid tomb. Thats the dream anyway.

Were trying to target to open before new years but who knows whats in store?

Mohamed Raza


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Day 1 – EscapeXperienceTz begins

On a visit to North America this summer I had an opportunity to try my very first Escape Game. With a couple friends we turned up 15 minutes early, got a quick briefing and were inside the game.

My first experience with this kind of entertainment was filled with frustration and stress for the most part. I wasn’t able to connect the dots, so to speak. This type of activity is unlike something I’ve experienced before. With a combination of using elements in the room, teamwork as well as outside the box thinking, we had to get out. In reality there was 7 or 8 puzzles to complete in the first room. We were however stuck on how to proceed. The trouble is, what to do when you walk into an Egyptian tomb that looks like nothing is out of place?

At least, until you notice what looks to be a blank sheet of paper actually is actually a secret message written in some transparent way, and the only way to read it is to pour sand from the floor onto the paper and remove the excess. That took an entire 15 minutes to figure out. With hidden wall safes, puzzles and pressure pad activated doors coming up; we were never going to make it out on time. I will point out that we went in with the minimum number of people required (4) so if we had a couple more it would have been possible to get out (or so I keep telling myself).


Image by Rita Buettner via Catholic Review
Use a brush to clear the excess sand and read the hidden message underneath. 

The first game was so good we requested another game right after and were marginally WORSE in it. Turns out we played on easy for the first game and medium for the second. At the end of it we felt it was well worth it the experience. The beginnings of bringing Escape Games to Tanzania were born.

Mohamed Raza