Day 32 – Escape Games becoming real

Well, it’s taken a while to get everything organized for the construction. The 20 foot containers that we’re using were sitting around doing nothing for a while while we sorted out the company registration and compiled quotations for materials. But finally we started in the last week of October! We now have 5 different jobs going on all at once; wall building, roof making, painting, carpenting, and an electrician started today, and its creating havoc.


5 different jobs going on at once; painting, electricity laying,roof building, wall building and internal framing.

But its fun. Our games are ready to go and weve even got most of the stuff laid out too, were just working on the electricals and then the paneling before we can create our rooms. We’re going to try to make them as realistic as possible for our customers so when you step into a tomb, you feel like you entered the inside of a real Egyptian pyramid tomb. Thats the dream anyway.

Were trying to target to open before new years but who knows whats in store?

Mohamed Raza


tags: Escape Games Tanzania, Escape Rooms Tanzania, EscapeXperience Tanzania.

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